Club Rules

Our club rules are to be followed at the club grounds for the safety and comfort of both you and your dog and other members and their dogs.

1. All dogs on the club grounds must hold current vaccination certificates. No dog is to be brought to club grounds if it has a contagious disease or infested with vermin.
2. All dogs must be on leads before getting out of the car and must remain on lead at all times whilst on the club grounds. The only exceptions are when you are in class and under command of the Instructor in an advanced obedience or agility class, or you are an Instructor
3. Handlers cannot train unless wearing suitable shoes. Fully covered, closed in footwear is required for insurance purposes.
4. No dogs in season are allowed on the grounds
5. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs. Bags are supplied but you will need to take any droppings home with you
6. Mistreating of dogs on club grounds will not be tolerated.
7. No person under the age of 13 years old is to be in control of a dog at any time on club grounds. In ‘special’ circumstances consideration may be given to a younger handler being allowed to participate after taking into account the character level of the dog involved and the maturity of the handler.
8. Do not allow your dog to approach another dog, unless you have the permission of the other dog’s handler
9. Only one handler per dog each training night.
10. No spectators are to be on the field whilst classes are in progress.
11. All dogs training in obedience & agility to be on collars as recommended by your instructor.
12. Only those handlers who have completed a basic obedience & agility course with this club, or an equivalent course with another club to handle a dog in class.
13. NEVER feed or treat anyone else’s dog on club grounds.
14. The Hervey Bay Dog Obedience & Agility Club Inc. the executives and the instructors of this club do not accept any responsibility for the injury to handlers or dogs whilst on club grounds. All owners must accept full responsibility for their dog’s health and activities.